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Big Seas

The first time I went on a sea voyage was aboard a CCL vomit comet.  I remember a storm tossing the boat about and enjoying running down the long hallways, maniacally, whist others hugged a wall and resisted the urge to purge.

I’m not quite to that level of confidence yet in the futures, but I was happy to hold my own today and earn a meager bit of coin.  Keep in mind, this could have been a very swell day, but I shorted into the hole and it took 4 handles to find out.  Big seas.

I traded a lot, 27 round turns, 16 winners and a sore neck.  I closed the day a slight hue of green both in the face and in the books.

I would imagine most people seeing all this work return so little and throwing in the towel.  However, I continue to make mistakes, and they continue to cost me money.  Once I iron out a few small issues this entire process becomes another income stream.

The market rejected the SPX gap aggressively, impressing upon many the feeling that we may be gearing for a bounce higher.  Several of the more studied traders resisted the urge to participate this afternoon, opting instead to save their cabbage until after we see the data tomorrow.

My swing portfolio was up today, lead forward by HMIN, IMMR, and CREE.

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  1. chessNwine

    Ho Chi Minh (HMIN) impressive.

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    • Raul

      It’s has the same feel as that big CnH I played in GS to start the year. It has potential to be a nice, long duration trade.

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