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Raul Takes Up Talking to Birds

I’m feeling very, very angry right now.  Anyone who trades these markets, looking like a stoic, is either a psychopath or a studied philosopher.   I get happy when I follow my plan and make money, and I get raging mad when I deviate from it.

Let’s run down the moves, shall we?

Early on, I engaged the market repeatedly, and donated back my last two days’ gains.  Back to ground zero.  Kewl.  Avoid market rage, don’t engage.

–          I knew once this market made up its mind directionally, it would be big.  The morning built up a ton of energy.  I wasn’t there when the move happened because I was tossing my phone down the stairway.

FSYS, SNE, JKS, NBG – I cut them all, they all lost me money.  NBG never made sense to begin with, even with the 20 percent profit I scaled off.

LULU Lemon calls, purchased at the peak of the great spike of June the fourth, sold, at a loss of course.

Now listen closely: these above positions haven’t even proven themselves wrong yet.  I have proven myself wrong.  And I’m angry.

I’ll be going for a walk now, perhaps talk to some pigeons and see if they have a message from Nicola Tesla.  After such time, I will come back and reassess these markets with a more charged up mind.

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