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Talking Market Dynamics in $JRCC

I like situations like JRCC. The setup appeared on no news, but I could see buy flow coming in.  Then you get a major development, one favoring your position and you get instant gratification.

But should you sell?  I always do, but not the whole thing.  The event completely throws the stock price out of balance.  Their slate was wiped clean of a looming going concern.  I don’t even know if they had a going concern statement in their financial statements, but they were teetering on the brink, no doubt.  So now what’s the company worth?  I couldn’t tell you, nor could I care less.  I know fundamental guys, debt gurus, hedgers, and directional gamblers all have to come to market a duke it out to determine value.  And that means we’re going to see vertical development, both ways.

Once I’ve cushioned the position with nice booked gains, I can sit back and see who prevails in the fight.  I can cheer for my side, but I swear no allegiance.  I’ll just as soon cut if the sellers prove a more formidable force.  For now things are looking good.

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