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The Plan Is To Kill

I was welcomed this morning by a lovely coat of snow.  So lovely, in fact, it wiped out the internet in my home.  Losing the internet at my home means the whole show comes to a screeching halt.  I’m not unable to toggle the lighting and heat from my smart phone like I so enjoy.  My NFLX is out and that means there’s only antenna teevee.  And I most certainly can not pen lovely blog pieces full for media for my interweb people.

Thus I had to adventure drive into the office so I could trade these STAACKS.

If you are long, there is very little that should concern you.  The wind is at your back and prior discrepancies left behind in the tape have been settled by in an orderly auction by the mafia in Chicago.  If you’re short, a clown rather, I wish you high level risk management.  Please trade your positions well.

Today’s plan is to wind up exposure as high as possible into quality chart setups going into the weekend.

My assistant has fetched me a hot cut of DNKN coffee and it’s time to do work.  Good day.


MOVES MADE THUS FAR: Sold TZA and ANR, bought more FB

UPDATE: bought HES

UPDATE II: bought RH

UPDATE the Third: bought ZNGA

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  1. elizamae

    nice to see that you ditched your hedge aka clown shoes aka TZA.

    I like and am monitoring HES, but not for a while.

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