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I don’t think many people take me seriously.  The funny thing about a serious person is how funny you really are.  You’re living a joke of a life.  When I had a clear reading of the tea leaves this morning, I sent out the following tweet (edit: bad spelling and all):

I don’t know how many people realize this, but I always put my money where my mouth (pen/keyboard?) is. Always. If something is worth talking about, it’s worth putting your skin on the line. As for business endeavors, I firmly believe in giving 100% as anything less is lazy at best and whimsical at the absolute worst.

So I spent the remainder of the session ratcheting up my long exposure and taking my cash down to zero. Yes, I’m 100% long. I haven’t been all-in in over two years. My positions range from high quality to downright degeneracy. It is my hope that the Super Bowl stimulates obese spectators to jam their nacho covered hands into their tiny pockets to grab an inked pen and write a reminder on their arm to buy stocks on Monday.

Wow my thesis sounds really flimsy now that I write it down.

I have many positions, but I’ve placed my primary bets on TSL, SU, GS, SINA, ANGI, and VHC.

Trina, Susan, and Angie are my girls this weekend.

Trade’em well!

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  1. Sooz

    must keep a close watch on that middle one..

    have a great weekend, Sir Raul

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  2. Berserker

    Where are the flowers?

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    • Raul3

      It took two people saying this for me to realize what was going on. Thank you.

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