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I’ve marked up the profile chart to get a picture of what I’m seeing.  There are several interesting reference points on the auction charts.  I merged the “unorthodox pump” potion of the Friday session into yesterday’s session because it better fit into the auction that occurred yesterday and gave a clearer picture of the distribution of trades.

The resulting profile shows value at new highs, but still within the range of last week.  Just above the normal distribution is a low volume node then the trending action from yesterday.  Halfway through the session I commented the auction was very methodical.  I was referencing the fact that buyers sat back and watched the open, allowed price to tag our bias line (prior day VPOC) exactly as we highlighted then stepped in with their buy orders.

It still would not be a major blow to the bulls to see some retracement, and more and more traders want this to occur.  Therefore I’ve highlighted below levels that you may want to consider cutting weak longs or adding on hedges.

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