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Big Index Gain: Stocks Stay the Same

More often than I would like to admit, I make a solid call on the direction but my stocks hardly participate.  Today was one of these days.  My stocks are up modestly.  The portfolio is green which is always good.  But considering I’m 75% long I would expect a bit more juice.  Every time this happens I’m reminded I need to finalize my alogs.  They’ve been on the backburner for months, simmering, thinking, waiting to wage war on the world’s futures markets.

For now we must continue to bank our coin trading these stocks.  With the markets levitating higher like this, I’ve been quick to take profits on extended names and toss the money at fresh ideas.  The rotation is great and keeps the portfolio humming along like a well oiled Ponzi scheme but eventually I want to settle into a few companies as investments, not just trading vehicles.  I like the Japan thesis Fly built.  It was odd when my good friend who does big business in Japan but never invests asked me if I knew anything about EWJ and if it held good companies.  He wants to get it.  Apparently they’re loving Abe over there.

Whether or not this is a peak I’m not certain but we are getting to a level where I like to lighten up.  The trough is where I like to do my business.  We had a nice trough the second week of 2013 and we did work here at the Raul3 blog.

I may lighten up my long exposure tomorrow.

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  1. djmarcus

    yea no movement in portfolio. pretty annoying. but nice song. liking it a lot

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