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Major Action to Monitor Today

It’s all eyes on our banking overlords this morning as JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs report all the esoteric ways they fleeced us of coin last quarter.  They both crushed but the futures haven’t reacted.  I don’t know valuations or earnings metrics, but the technical picture on both names are running hot.  They’re running hot but they’re still pointing higher.  Go figure.  I suppose we will get the proverbial hand tip from both companies today.

An automated business is fantastic.  That is until something goes wrong and an inordinate amount of time must be spent “retooling” a situation.  Such was the case yesterday evening and as I result I’ve come into the morning having not done my evening research into trades for today.

When time is of the sweetest essence, I prepare most of my picks by poaching them from the generous folks here at iBankCoin.  You should too.

I like SD from RC’s 4 Wednesday Trade Ideas post.  It would pair well with my SU like a robust Bordeaux paired with ostrich.

I also like GPI from Redman59 over in the blogger network.

There was some talk yesterday in 12631 about ANR, I like it on strength.

UPDATE: DNKN looks good too

Digging further into apparel and retail given the strong consumer data yesterday (albeit normal given seasonality h/t Scott Bleier) I like that chart of PVH.  It’s near 52 week highs but is wanting higher.

Other thoughts:

I think people may still be afraid of FB today and perhaps the rest of the week.  Eventually, I’m going to add back to the name.  That is of course if an orderly pullback presents itself.

I’m hoping to not be sidelined on the banks too long but I have the feeling I won’t be jumping right back into GS until the earnings reaction plays out.

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