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Things Have Gotten A Little Too Social Here

In all the excitement last week of stocks pumping hard from their pullbacks, I began buying and selling with great disregard for the underlying companies.  My hon3y hole was showing up everywhere and I was simply grabbing on to the letters presenting my setup.

Next thing I know it’s closing bell and my portfolio is riddled with social media stocks.  Holy moly, I own FB, ZNGA, OPEN, Z, and SINA.  Yeah that settled in this morning like a hangover.  But I must say, the charts say yes.  I’m just wondering if the Facebook event is a sell the news type situation.  They’ve certainly intrigued me.

As for the twitter and blogosphere, I’m thrilled to have all my new followers and I look forward to adding value to your trading day.  I’d like to extend a special thank you to RaginCajun for highlighting me on his new #FF blog series.

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