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Put Some Cash To Work

Sometimes rallies of the Santa variety can be short lived.  I want my cash working in the market early so I went to work buying high quality charts.  Last night’s homework, 95% of which was done on this BEAST site alone, had me ready to pounce at the first sign of heard buying.

I sold MLNX because it made new lows early this morning and likely won’t find strength until a catalyst comes along, possibly earnings or the massive migration to online shopping.  I started new positions in RVBD, AMZN, and BF/B.

My largest position (GS) is performing admirably as is the entire financial sector.  All my other positions are still behaving constructively.  There’s a lot of session left, but the bulls grabbed the edge early.

After my morning moves, cash has been brought down to about 18%.

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