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Could There Be a Better Popular Vote?

iBankCoin is a beacon of truth in an otherwise thick canopy of click-whore campaigning by media monsters like @seekingalpha. It’s harmless to call out their blatant hack journalism because they add no value to our republic. However, one must take a softer approach to criticisms of equally ad hungry sites like Business Insider. Their staff is connected and adds occasional value to our site. Hence we may scoff their click hungry headlines, but respect the game. To even broach the question of iBankCoin’s loyalty to readers is grounds for immediate banishment, treason in the highest degree. Fly makes a point to kindly tell advertisers who attempt to “correct” his colorful commentary to kindly take their dollars elsewhere and fuck off. Show me a site matching such brilliance, I insist!

If you’ve resided in the mahogany lined walls of iBankCoin long enough, you know insolence toward the members will earn you a short trip to BANNED. This is by design. Through these actions Fly serves us all in building a place where ladies and gentlemen are held to their own merit; a Galt’s gulch of the interwebs but without the ad nauseum lectures on virtue. Instead we bump Mabach music.

Please consider this my formal request for inclusion in the tab battle.

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