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VXX Wants Your Dollars

A down day atop a strong rally tends to garner much emotion from both sides of the tape.  Bulls that have not yet scaled any profits start getting squirmy and trapped bears breathe a sigh of relief.  Both parties may begin considering buying volatility ETFs like UVXY and VXX.  If your thought process has deduced you to this decision, I suggest you wire me said funds.  It’s worth the $25.00 fee, and I’ll just dig a hole in my garden and delicately lay your funds to rest.  I charge a small labor and carry fee of only 15 basis points, however this fee can be waived if a genuine thank you is given.

Hell Keith “Sweat” McCullough isn’t even blowing his ‘tard horn today.

PROTECT YOUR NECK, SURE, but adorn VXX tits with extreme caution and acceptance of your likely fate.

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