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Morning Jitters Lead to Afternoon Winners but China’s GDP Is Really for Dinner(s)

After getting off to a rough start this morning, the markets gained traction and we saw the mobile/social tech space heat up into the late lunch hour.  I sold my TPX in the morning, for no god damned reason.  I also traded FB like shit; chasing a flag only to stop out of what I thought would be a few day swing trade.  I had no other choice but to make a little break and have a long swim.  I returned very calmly to a market full of Fanta.

I purchased shares of Pandora on the rumored bid from Comcast.  Turned out the rumor was FALSE. If you recall, I sold my stake yesterday just under ten.  I should have stayed bracket committed yesterday instead of being a fruity fearer of round numbers. It cost me around forty cents. However I have retained my newly purchased shares.  Should the market gain traction, shares could rip up to bracket high $11-11.50 where I will scale 1/3 and reassess.  Shares went from up over 8% to up around 4%

Zillow recaptured $40.00 which seems significant considering the market’s reaction to the achievement.  Price went on to rip through $41 and looks beast.  Investor’s reacted positively to notes out from Zillow stating they’re getting a fuckton of mobile traffic to their site, a trait so important to web services in our transitory computing environment.

@mrtopstep tweeted about a trading break rule.  He says making a little pause after having either two profitable or five unprofitable deals in a row is his rule.  I may implement a rule like this albeit tweaked to swing trading.  I would love to hear any similar rules your guys adhere to.

Top picks going into the night we all watch the Chinese release capitalist data: YELP & Z

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