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Liking This Bed Trade

Beds are big business.  Just like the peddlers of dirt nap accoutrements, bed salesmen don’t bother selling you a bed, they sell you the fear of living without one.  Big business bedding is, with nice padded margins.  Consumer sensitive yes…so could the same store sale data from Costco missing estimates be extrapolated out to Tempur-Pedic sales volume and further to the share price?  The fuck if I know.

I know two things about TPX:

I like the picture of the chart

Lots, like glue trucks full of ampersands are chasing TPX trying to slop glue all over the share price like some fucked up adhesivephiliac PETA member

The chart I like, the lawyers I turn a half smile to.  Class action mother fucksters, with their mailers, late night teevee ads, and phone jockeys.  These guys I really do like as they’re industrious risk takers and that’s what drives our country to continued greatness.  Squirrels chasing nuts.  They definitely help define sentiment, which at this point is shit.

When I look at the charts however, I see risk I can manage, and juicy mean revision potential.  Take a look:



And I really like trading mean reversion trades in summer trading range markets. Hit the corners players.

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