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Picking Up Nickels on Land Mines

This week most of the twitter stream is focused on the same names.  It’s apparently causing a crowded situation.  Everyone’s hitting on the same girl at the bar simulatneously, all getting in eacother’s way and rejected violently.  I was tempted by LNKD as it setup after lunchtime only to be on the receiving end of a nasty downdraft.  I like the look of the dailies and was considering letting the stock run its course, but I swapped it out late in the afternoon for Zillow instead.

Zillow I like both as a company and a chart of price activity.  LNKD not so much, I think it’s where tight slacked homos stroke eachothers ego. Now Zillow, It hasn’t done much since IPO, but for the time being $33.00 has been solid support.  My stop hovers slightly below there and I will lean against the number and add should we trade into the support zone.

Beyond that I scaled off some exposure today as detailed in my earlier post.  Scaling works for me.  Everyone’s strategy is different but I find the key to my long-term success is taking hard fought profits.  Especially in a directionless, no momo tape like the current.  I also find it key to let runners run.  I thought I would have a piece of Pandora running along freely like a wolf.  Instead I have no position left.  This climate is not conducive to swinging multi-month trades.

My EUO hedge was scaled back a bit this morning because tomorrow is likely to whip the currencies around.  I still like the price behavior however and retain 2/3 of the hedge.  This ETF slugs around mostly.  I currently have 10% of assets here.

Cash & AWK: 48%

Longs (by weight):  TRIP ADS YELP Z TPX VHC

TPX is being attacked by suits and ampersands, tread carefully on this sleepy name.


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