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Fashionably Late

Sometimes I get phone calls from friends like, “Brah it’s 11:30 when are you getting your ass over here?” to which I reply, “Ga’head, I’m caught up, eating lamb shanks and sipping my favorite cab.”  I know I can sashay over to the club late night, have a few cocks and get my social fill (no homo).  I approach going out in such a manner for three reasons; I bore easily, I don’t enjoy nightclub drinking marathons, and the action is most interesting late night.  Perhaps I miss some early fun, but my vision is clear.

Now imagine owning some of these social stocks whose prices have gone to shit over the last quarter.  Imagine holding through that mess.  Puke.  These proverbial bag holders are so underwater they may not be thinking clear.  They may have the beer goggles on, eyeballing Mark Zuck and getting all Travolta gay in their heads.  All I’m trying to emphasize here is DON’T FORGET TO SCALE SOME PROFITS INTO THIS WEEKS HYPE.  If you’re Johnny-come-lately like the well timed traders residing in the godly halls of iBankCoin (GHiBC) and you’ve been reading my twits and shits, you likely have more clear vision.  You may tip your hat to Mr. Zuck, complement his hoodie, and enjoy the bottle service he’s sent your way.

Is this move in socials a one week hysteria?  NO.  But you can be skinned in more ways than one.  The move stocks like Z YELP TRIP LNKD and P will make over the next few years will be impressive, some stocks better than others.  But I promise you there will be bumps along the way.  Keep being smooth, take what the market gives you.  Build a day, build a month, build a quarter.  And if you want my advice on being smooth, follow me ova @twosmuth.

Finally, ZNGA is currently the largest cash flow stream for Facebook.  Are their games as cool as Wolfenstein 3D?  If you’re 30 and live in your parent’s basement, no.  To your mom and 12 year old girls, they’re leaps ahead in awesomeness.  Look for this stock to make a higher low.

Speaking of smooth:

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