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Sticking to the Script

I implore you to take an honest look at your current holdings and ask yourself, “Is this shit kinda hot right now?” Perhaps your names aren’t participating in the current market appreciation like you expected, perhaps they are. I can assure you the speculative funds are focused on the future of commerce: running your fucking life from a cell phone. Can one even call the iPhone a cell phone? Dare I say it has transcended such nomenclature? Indeed I shall, for it has. Beyond iPhone, full grown men are getting all giddy about whispers of a Facebook phone. LMFAO.

ZNGA got whacked pretty hard today after a decent earnings announcement yesterday afternoon. Stock didn’t go down enough, my opinion. I literally laugh at the jumpers and haters in this name. These games may seem childish, but I must assure you they are steering the gaming ship in new directions, pointing at the horizon and saying, “Right there good fellow, the new world awaits.” I want more shares, but I’m being exceptionally patient with the name as it continues to be led by the homo bear administration (no politico).

I am wholeheartedly embracing and positioning myself for the app and social universe to bamboozle onlookers with its majestic levitation. The names I hold, by weight: PCLN, LNKD, TRIP, P, Z, GSVC, YELP, UPS, and ZNGA. “UPS what the fuck?” one might say. To which I reply, “How the fuck else do you expect to get your shit?” Futurama, a show based in the distant future, in a world tangled with vacuum tube transportation, features a package delivery team as the protagonist. I rest my case.

Names I want to own, but just can’t wrap my risk management into: AMZN, RAX & ADS. Fuck me sideways I owned ADS & RAX at much cheaper prices. I played the hundred dollar roll in ADS early Q1 and left BIG MEECH BMF on the table. RAX I let go of early this week, like a coward. It perturbs me and my thesis in a most unhealthy manner.

Finally, I’ve strapped on a stage three rocket booster, TNA, into the close. Because the weekly charts on the indices keep whispering to me, “to the moon Raul3” like a gentle choir of angels.

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Listen, it’s hard to be humble after a week like this. I will reread the Chess archives this weekend and tempter my emotions.




P.S. Lest I not forget my full retard account is 100% long DDMG uuuuugh.

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