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Mobile Internet: The Final Frontier

I have decidedly positioned myself into a rather internet concentrated basket: RAX, TRIP, LNKD, GSVC, and YELP now make up over 30% of assets. Furthermore I own GLW and ATVI. I own a few more names outside this space and they do very little to pique my interest. Facebook is coming IPO this summer. This “already hot as fuck” summer. Frugality fatigue is setting in and the consumer wants to trade in their factory wheels for platinum plated LED rims. Uugh so gangsta. In the stock market this translates to, “Honey we traded these boring ass blue chips for some app companies. Where’s my iPhone I need to continue running my life from it.” And as such, rank and file, the inflows will come chasing these names into the stratosphere.

At least, that’s the scenario I’m positioning for. Am I too late? Or is the fat 70% of the move still to be had? T.B.D.

Always remember not wait for the fire alarm to sound to sashay toward the exit. After all, these trades will be crowded with all the newbies, like a Deadmau5 concert:

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