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The Money’s Out There

Sometimes I take a dollop of information bestowed by the benevolent bloggers of iBC and investigate whether it fits my risk profile and current portfolio concentration. Last night and this morning ChessNwine advised keeping an eye on MDVN based on seasonality data and overall biotech strength. Until today I enjoyed this year’s biotech coin banking tendencies via DVAX, which was highlighted by the gregarious Henry Fool. I got my lock-n-roll on this morning swapping DVAX for MDVN. This accomplished two things; I took profits on an extended name and maintained by portfolio’s biotech weighting.

Let’s talk about something important. Ignore iBC at your own risk. There are no shortcuts in trading or investing. A lapse in judgment of risk will always be “rewarded” with involuntary amputation. But know that you can save yourself 10’s of hours a week scanning THIS SITE ALONE for quality names.

Do you think I’m fucking with you? Current holdings by weight: LNKD, WFM (Mrs. Fly), F, AWK (Mr. Cain Thaler), HFC & GLW (Fly), DNKN, BID (Fly), KSWS (Fly), RAD & MDVN (ChessNwine), GSVC (Fly) and a 40% cash pillow.

Go and do likewise gents.

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