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Swim and Think

Good friends and pen pals, my how heavy a burden it is wearing UVXY chaps. The looks one gets and the weight the damp leather adds to the stride is more than enough to belittle ones demeanor. I’m happy to have cleared all shares of said toxic ETF from my accounts and will add to my commissions and losses the purchase of a VXX Halloween costume. A must own garment for remembering ones jaunt down switchblade alley. It’s like buying the candid portrait of horror they snap on a roller coaster.

It was clear after a high intensity swim gave way to a casual freestyle daydream the VIX position needed to cease bleeding out. Then my thoughts carried onto other parts of the market. Investors are sashaying in and out of TIF, how stupendous! LNKD is being guided higher by the grand muppeteers. I see more upside in the name for following three reasons:

Goldman wants to reassure their clients they love them and they’re privy to favorable information. (perhaps some jabs and winks yesterday afternoon)

Investors love clamoring over a social stock.

$100.00 roll. Get’em while they’re hot.

Why thank you very much Mr. Sachs, now don’t you go fucking me while I turn my attention to other market concerns. Disclaimer: I never use LNKDs resources. Seems lame. I digress.

I bought KSWS today as I want a shoe stock, the chart looks primed, and Kenny fucking Powers continues to be funny. Oh what a life this is, speculating on such trivial nonsense. If you don’t like the game, then leave.

The bottom line is this: define your risk and buy some fucking stocks. It’s hot outside and USA #1 on fyah!

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