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Taking a Classic for a Ride

Sometimes a classic car makes its way into the hood and gets “donked the fuck out” with twenty six inch rims and lift kits. And it’s a sick look, but it makes the right turn hard and otherwise destroys the original feel of a classic treasure. However once in a while you see a restoration like the above with touches of decadence but an appreciation given to the original look, a masterpiece of gangsta driving if you will. This is the type of car you drive ten under wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt and fedora while smoking a large Montecristo no handedly.

The refinery stocks have been restored in a similar way. They trade classy and smooth. I’ve owned HFC since I highlighted it at the end of 2011. I increased my position this week. The Fly has penned several posts for understanding the refinery trade and you can query the iBC using its attached Google machine and get a plethora of advice. In the refinery space my personal favorite is HFC. I know several in the iBC community own/trade WNR. WNR allows the speculator to make hundreds if not thousands of penis references in communique which is fun and fine and fair. I like HFC. HFC continues to trend well, which is also fun. Driving this stock has more than covered my fuel expenses for the next few years and rides like a perfectly restored classic. I would chase it up here but will consider taking a scale around $37.33.

Regarding St. Patrick ’s Day: May your hands and minds always have work. And may you guzzle many fine ales and lagers tomorrow and eat corned beef in celebration of Irish folks and St. Patrick. If you fight tomorrow, do so as a gentleman. Go outside, square up and put up your dukes. None of that UFC hugging and humping shit is to be tolerated unless you’re fighting in California’s inland empire.

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