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Cowboy Coffee

Today marks a new energy level. You see, I’ve turned back the clocks and brewed myself a cup of coffee like a rugged mean mugging cowboy. How do you make cowboy coffee exactly? It’s simple really, as it should be; put coffee grounds in your cup, add hot water, stir and settle the grounds to the bottom and enjoy.

Now I wouldn’t drink just any Dunkin’ dipshit in such said manner. I happen to have procured a small bag of the finest, Jamaican blue rim coffee. I’m not going to gallivant through my office all benevolent and shit, brewing pots of liquid gold for the unwashed only to see them drown my rare blend in fucking Coffeemate. Fuck you and fuck your Coffemate. And your poison sugar, fuck you too very much.

So fuck it, I’ll make it as I will and enjoy the rich aromas and body. Needless to say, I’m jacked.

Regarding stocks. I like ‘em. Current holdings by weight: PBR, AWK, FR, HFC, LNKD, WFM, DVAX, NIB, F, GSVC. HOLY MOUTHFULL!

Going into yesterday I was most heavily in LNKD and HFC but I had to scale some shit off into that monster run up.

LNKD for the $100.00 roll. That shit’s serious. I don’t use that site it’s gay (no homo).

Good day to you, may your portfolios be blessed with outsized gains.


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