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The Calendar Rules

Last year’s volatility came to an abrupt end when we began THE NEW YEAR. Market participants collectively said, “Fuck it, let’s buy shit every day. Fuck selling.” The way stocks trade on a daily basis changed. I’ve produced the following image to display the difference in daily chart candles:

Maybe sentiment always completely changes at the strike of the new year. I’ve never experienced such a radical change. Scott Bleier talks about calendar anomalies in great detail. He can be found on twitter decreeing April 15th as the day perfectly aligned single file dicks will be chopped off with the surgical swing of a kukri. I love his commentary. Watch out when Mr. Bleier wields his weapon:

Pray tell will March 1st be some sentiment shifting force? The bears certainly closed out the leap day with a snarl. The Mayans may perhaps have me reading too far into the calendar for significance.

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