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Prepping a Double Down

I own RTK since the mid $1.40s. What a bizarre stock. This piece of shit trades over 2M shares in a three penny range. FUCK’in joke. Their business is a joke, their stock is a joke, but my position is no joke. I’m attempting to milk this turnip. So far I’ve been on the receiving end of a smooth drift lower.

Today I decided I will either cut the loss off, or double down. This decision came down to a ceremonial trip to the urinal. When dealing with bizarre stocks with bullshit business models, I base my investment decisions on whether or not I see a certain miscreant in the hallways, a mysterious man who roams my building reeking of booze who is often taking a piss. If he’s seen, take heed and sell. If he’s nowhere in sight, buy buy buy.

The drunken bozo was nowhere to be seen today, thus I doubled down on this turd, RTK. Aside from said stock buying practices, we could see support here and stocks only move while we sleep. See the following chart supporting the case:



My greatest fear is more sideways shit. I want resolution.

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