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Appreciating the Rally and Adding to Longs

I like the price action today in WFM and used the recent pullback to increase my position. WFM has room to run here. I’ll trim some off around $72.00 but ultimately I think this stock goes higher, MUCH HIGHER!

The bounce is underway, and anyone who wants to own quality stocks into the yearend now must pay up. I’m still keeping a close eye on the Euro dollar, via the six easy-z’s. I want to see the currency go for a price discovery trip to the upside.

Other than WFM, I added to ADS with an expectation that the one hundred dollar breach, if held, will lead to $115 prices, maybe more. The stock has upside room going into year end.

Remaining positions include RGLD, AWK, GSVC, and a touch of LULU. LULU is not ramping like I want to see yet and may get cut. However, if LULU breaches $50 with some authority, I’m a buyer of strength.

I still have some cabbage on hand, about 40 percent.

Today is the rudder that steers us into the next few weeks, and it appears we go higher.


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