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Selective Ignorance

Looking over my port, things could be worst. My PII purchase was ill timed and I took a quick 5% haircut. If the PII doesn’t get its act together come tomorrow it’s gone and will serve as a pie to the face. In this market, it’s death by a 1000 paper cuts when you’re marauding into and out of stocks all fast and savvy unless you cut out the bad habit trades. Hit yourself with the newspaper, bad dog.

RGLD is coming into my sweet zone and I will be adding some today or tomorrow.

I choose the path of selective ignorance, and will at the least play for a mean reversion and at the most look for some coked up mystery bid into Christmas. Hope baby, hope.

Whatever, I want to own some stocks. AWK pays a sweet coupon and I’ve owned it all year. Maybe it’s boring for you to read about but nice for a stable few percentage points as shits not swinging well. I feel the same way about PAYX. The management team appears solid, and they’re letting companies outsource their bullshit HR departments. If you buy these stocks on discount (like now “ish” in PAYX case) then you collect a coupon and hopefully don’t get whacked by any capital depreciation.

The SKF is shoring up the butt-fuckery of PII and GSVC.

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