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Italy’s Hot Ticket Out

Andrea Rossi.  Heard about this guy?  Seen this guy?  On October 28th the Italian physicist demonstrated what is best described by curious scientists as a cold-fusion device.  Rossi calls it the E-Cat and doesn’t give a fuck if you believe it works, unless you’re prepared to cough up a cool $15 milli.


This isn’t Rossi’s first foray into the energy world.  He spent the late 70’s converting trash into oil.  In the 90’s he began refining his oil and producing and selling fuel at nearly a 30% discount to similar fossil derived products.  He did what any successful Italian would do in 1995 and formed a racing team.  He ran the car on his fuel and performed admirably.

Rossi smashed more in the 90’s than Big Meech.  Then they fucked him, banned his product, and threated jail time.  Might as well castrate the gent or gouge out his eyeballs.  But the “eye ties” learned their lesson after the Galileo incident, I suppose.

Perhaps Rossi learned his lesson.  Fool me once you sum’ bitch as our great Premier Bush would say. The leery inventor is playing his cards close to chest.  He’s formed Leonardo Corporation with the intention of building and selling his E-Cat device.  He claims the technology is running a factory as we speak.

Everyone knows the fucking boot births geniuses.  Could he be loved like Ford?  Or will he be hated like Rearden?

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