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I read a comment that rubbed me the wrong way this morning and felt the need to speak on this topic just a bit.

I blog, unfortunately. As a blogger I put myself out there. Putting yourself out there is stupid…as in this day and age, people walk around looking for opportunities to scoff, mock, put down, or throw feces at you. In many cases I go beyond what most are willing to sacrifice in terms of market, stock, and predictions in general.


Most avoid this for lack of skill. Others avoid this for fear of being wrong. I do it for the opportunity to be right and highlight some things that others might not see or think of themselves. If I were going to read a blog, that’s what I would want to read, personally.

By putting myself out there, I get to deal with a lot of the negativity of people. I opt to have fun with it.

My online persona?

I’m a total dick. I do this on purpose too.

100% of you that have met me will have nothing but nice things to say. I’m one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. I take care of those who belong to my services, or to anyone that I can lend a hand to.

But my standoffish online personality, it triggers emotion. It makes people read and listen. It eliminates the dumbshit questions too, since you know I’m going to rip and humiliate you if you come here as a dumbass. It also helps to filter those that I work with within the walls of my services. I opt for quality, not quantity.

So let’s all be content to generally offend one another, shall we?

I bought some $SNAP calls at $22 here moments ago. I suppose we could talk about this again too?

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Listen, the reason I posted that video yesterday is to discuss movement this week that would draw in both sides of the trade.

I said last Thursday night that the stock needed to close last week quietly to keep both longs and shorts engaged into the weekend. Check.

I said the stock “would rip to $24, 24.50, 25 range on Monday early, then fade sharply into mid week.” CHECK.

Stop and think why that detail was/is at all important and therein lies the answers to all your questions. It was so you late longs would shit yourself out of this trade for me.

The only thing I missed on this idea at all was how far it would pull back into weakness mid week. It’s trading fifty cents away from that price I called out. I’m sure in some troll-fuck way that makes this a bad call/trade/idea/whatever.

Chart looks as it should. Quiet today was the next best case scenario.

Moving forward, I will be charging babysitting rates.

The only thing that concerns me at all is the Angel of Death jinx that hit me on this last week. I won’t elaborate on this, but I am giving offerings to the Stock Gods for their grace on this one.

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$SNAP quiet period expired and like I’ve been saying…if you’re selling something, won’t you speak up and reiterate it’s worth buying?

MS – Overweight, $28 PT GS – Buy, $27 PT Citi – Buy, $27 PT RBC – Outperform, $31 PT Jefferies – Buy, $30 PT

In other news, OA Jr is all over the text today, telling me his whole account is green into an ugly market and can hardly bear it ($SHLD/$SNAP mostly).

I picked up $BOX calls…nothing else going on today.

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I’m swiftly losing interest on doing much to alter what was a fantastic week. I have a few things I might take here today, but I already have my sights set on the weekend.

Congrats to those who took a leap into the unknown to participate in a flawless sentiment observation these last several trading days. The best part, it’s just getting started.

If you have any vacation time or personal time accrued at your place of employment, use it next week and come trade with me.

It’s going to be epic.

Have a good weekend,


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