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Count Your Blessings !

I have to kick out a post to count my blessings and thank the gods for sending me good harmonic wave lengths!

I moved out to the mountains from the city nine years ago to recharge my batteries. Now I have forgotten about recharging and enjoy a way of life much different from my former city life.

All around me are tall mountains with tight valleys and a river system that probably resembles  the network of neurons and calculator brain matter.

Hurricane Irene decided to dump copious amounts of rain on us in a short period of time and i watched little criks (sic) that were no more than a foot deep and six feet across turn into monsters of 8-10 feet deep and 20 feet across.

The main river where these little creeks empty into was a massive 18-22 feet high and 100 foot across. Flooding occurs at 8-12 feet in most places with some areas allowing for 16-18 feet. So you can imagine what type of a damage blow was dealt to my area.

To hear boulders rush down the mountain making noise that you would imagine a crashing freight train to make was unbelievable.

At any rate, I will make a toast to the gods for showing me good fortune as i was kept from harms way.

As a bearshitter, i was blessed with so many luxuries; more than the so called locals…not bad for a city boy huh.

More importantly, being prepared in today’s world is a must given all the volatility.

Today was the first day i was able to get online since early Sunday morning. My first  inclination was to get short and put some hedges on, but i think it will do me better to make that decision after tomorrows unemployment report. The S&P failed to move above the 30 day moving average, (1,220,) which i suspected would happen.


Dont allow life or the markets to lull you into a false sense of security and always count your blessings !

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David Einhorn Won’t Become a Mets Owner After All

The New York Mets and hedge-fund manager David Einhorn said Thursday that they have ended talks that would have seen Einhorn take an ownership stake in the team.

Announced to great fanfare in May, the deal as originally outlined would have seen Einhorn pay $200 million for a minority nonoperating investment, reported to be 49% of the team.

But the failure to seal the agreement after three months has seen the proposed deal collapse.

“I am disappointed to announce that I will not be purchasing an ownership interest in the New York Mets baseball team at this time,” Einhorn said in a statement.

“It is clear that it will not be possible for me to consummate the transaction on the terms that the Sterling-Mets organization and I originally agreed to several months ago. The extensive nature of changes that were proposed to me at the last minute has made a successful transaction impossible.”

The deal’s announcement came after a long and much-publicized search by Mets owner Fred Wilpon for an investor to help alleviate the team’s financial problems. The Mets are on course to lose about $70 million this year, reportedly have debts of about $500 million and plan to cut payroll by 30% next season. In October, the team took a reported $25 million loan from Major League Baseball to help with liquidity problems.

The Mets also have been embroiled in the Bernie Madoff scandal. The trustee acting on behalf of Madoff’s victims has claimed that the club took $90 million in fictitious profits from accounts it held with Madoff’s firm. The trustee, Irving Picard, is suing Wilpon’s firm Sterling Equities for $1 billion, claiming that Wilpon and his partners were beneficiaries of Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

“We are very confident in the team’s plans — both off and on the field,” Wilpon said in a statement Thursday. “We will engage with other individuals, some who have been previously vetted by Major League Baseball, along with other interested parties, regarding a potential minority investment into the franchise.”



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