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A Public Service Announcement for Chicago

“We’ve talked a lot over the years about the attempts to get out “ahead of crime” by using computer programs and algorithms to try and predict who might commit a crime. Predictive computing can then either target specific areas or specific people that might be in need of some extra law enforcement attention. Except as we’ve noted repeatedly, these programs are only as valuable as the data they use. Garbage in, garbage out, but in this case you’ve got a human being on the other end of the equation whose life can be dramatically impacted by law enforcement holding what they believe is “proof” that you’ll soon be up to no good.

With that in mind there’s growing concerns about efforts in Chicago to use predictive analytical systems to generate a “heat list” — or a list of 400 or so individuals most likely to be involved in violent crime. The Chicago efforts are based on a Yale sociologist’s studies and use an algorithm created by an engineer at the Illinois Institute of Technology. People who find themselves on the list get personal visits from law enforcement warning them that they better be nice. The result is a collision between law enforcement that believes in the righteousness of these efforts and those who worry that they could, as an EFF rep states, create “an environment where police can show up at anyone’s door at any time for any reason.”

Law enforcement and the code creators, as you’d expect, argue that it’s only the bad guys that need to worry about a system like this:

“A press liaison for the NIJ explains in an email: “These are persons who the model has determined are those most likely to be involved in a shooting or homicide, with probabilities that are hundreds of times that of an ordinary citizen.” Commander Steven Caluris, who also works on the CPD’s predictive policing program, put it a different way. “If you end up on that list, there’s a reason you’re there.”

Unless law enforcement makes a mistake, your data is wrong (which it often will be), or we decide to expand the program significantly, right? ….”

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  1. drummerboy

    first time i ever saw ted nugent and the am boy dukes was at iit.one of a very few that can replicate whats done in a studio,in live performance. saw him eight more times after that.back to topic! drummerboy may be on that list.maybe if they would have knocked on my door before i wailed on this dick heads’ car with a louisville slugger a couple of weeks ago,i wouldn’t be in trouble now. drummer boy hates fucking bullies even though they outweigh me,and are much taller.drummerboy doesn’t give a fuck.so come knock on my door and tell me to be nice,me and the cop next door will still have a good laugh. maybe iit should focus more on bullies,and what lurks in their minds,and not the people who stop them.when i moved here to chi-town from philly as a kid,the one thing that chicago has millions of,are bullies.no wonder this town is hated by everyone.”city of big shoulders”,my ass.it should be called, “city of bullies”.

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      True that in replicating a studio performance live.

      Don’t worry ’bout any lists. The whole country is militarized and i;m sure there are much more high priority people than yourself.

      Given the state of affairs and where they are going it is important to keep a low profile. Know your rights and never disrespect until its on.

      Hate bullies!

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