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Will Au’s Dump Cause M&A Activity?

“The collapse in bullion prices is set to rekindle gold mining takeovers as Chinese companies, sovereign wealth funds and private equity and hedge funds step in to rescue cash-strapped small and mid-sized miners.

Gold miners in China, the world’s biggest producer, have been chasing mines and listed companies in a bid to grow and match the largest global producers, like Barrick Gold.

A seven-fold rise in gold prices between 2001 and 2011 spurred a run of goldmergers and acquisitions. Activity fell last year as major miners digested some big buys and smaller players held out for better offers, with global gold M&A tumbling to $14.6 billion from $43.3 billion in 2011, according to Ernst & Young.

But that is expected to pick up again this year as a 15 percent plunge in gold prices this month forces smaller miners, especially those with high-cost production or single assets, to seek partners to stave off a cash crunch.

“This might be the final shoe to drop that makes some people think ‘there’s no way I’m able to finance myself going forward, so I’ve got to think more seriously about my investors and give my investors a return by putting things together with people that have … got the cash,’ ” John McGloin, executive chairman of Africa-focused minerAmara Mining, told Reuters….”

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  1. Po Pimp

    Bullshit. I’m sure mining company execs are just like every other sector; carry out your M&A activity at the market top. Buy low is not very popular in M&A.

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