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Apparently he doesn’t want government to kill Americans with drones, on American soil

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  1. ultramarine

    What the hell is wrong with this guy? It’s every American’s right to have their life terminated at-will by a rocket or bullet from a government-owned piece of hi-tech military equipment.

    Our founding fathers had fully foresaw this and would support the initiative today of using drones to preserve our leadership.

    If our government had a self-aware drone flying around in the Senate right now then we would not be wasting our time on discussing this issue.

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  2. juice

    While Ran is no Ron, I support him on this.

    And you can be sure Obama welcomes his stance on this issue as well, as there is no way Obama is for such a policy but he is walking a political tightrope in all issues and he must give in to behind the scenes power players here and there and in this instance, the military industrial complex, secret services, CIA, etc … else he will go the way of JFK.

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