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Si Tu Vois Ma Mere

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Is the Earth Growing ?

I love a good conspiracy theory….

[youtube://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJfBSc6e7QQ 450 300]

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“The Connecticut State Police report regarding the deadly mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School will not be released for “several months,” spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance said over one week ago.“There is no further information to be released by the Connecticut State Police at this time.”

Despite the lack of information about the Newtown gunman, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, or how he managed to get the weapons from his mother Nancy Lanza, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) introduced an updated version of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban bill to Congress on December 17.

Feinstein’s office did not respond to an inquiry as to why she did not wait for a police report to be released with so many facts yet unknown. For example, numerous claims have been made that Mrs. Lanza even attempted to secure her weapons before her son used them to commit mass murder. Newtown Police told Breitbart News that the department could “neither confirm nor deny” that Mrs. Lanza did not at least attempt to secure the guns her son was reported to have used.

Breitbart News’ AWR Hawkins points that the Feinstein Assault Weapon Bill is actually a handgun ban.

[T]he details of the ban betray a gun grab that includes semi-automatic pistols that use “a detachable magazine” and have “one military characteristic.”

This can only mean that the most popular handguns in the world for both civilian and military use are being targeted. These would include Glocks, Sig Sauers, Smith & Wesson M&Ps, H&K, and Colt, yet would by no means be limited to these handguns alone.

Senator Orrin Hatch (R – UT) told Breitbart News on Thursday to put him “down as someone who supports the second amendment.”

“It’s an ‘express amendment’ of the Constitution. I look at all these provisions that have been conjured out of thin air as constitutional maw,” he chided. “Here’s one that’s right there in writing in the original Constitution and it’s been time honored all of our lives and people just want to amend it at will? Give me a break.”

“I don’t support this ban because they are not assault rifles,” Hatch continued.” They are configured to look like them, but they’re regular rifles. I support the second amendment. Frankly, I think this is a complicated situation. First of all, who doesn’t grieve for all the people over the years? Who doesn’t want solutions? It’s not as simple as banning guns that look like assault weapons.”

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Yemeni Government Covers Up U.S. Responsibility for Civilian Drone Deaths

“The government of Yemen has tried to claim responsibility for numerous airstrikes by American drones in an effort to keep its population from siding with al-Qaeda militants.

Of the nearly 40 attacks launched by U.S. unmanned aircraft in the Middle Eastern country, one in particular has stirred considerable controversy and antipathy towards Washington.

On September 2, an American missile destroyed a Toyota truck loaded with 14 Yemenis from a village near Radda. The attack killed 11, including a woman and two children.

The Yemeni government tried to claim that its own air force carried out the assault, and that those killed were al-Qaeda militants. Many locals refused to accept the official explanation, and eventually Yemeni officials were forced to acknowledge that the strike killed only civilians….”

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Obama Orders Pay Raise for Biden, Members of Congress, & Federal Workers

While the actual raise is not very much it seems extremely distasteful and disrespectful to the American people who are hurting and pissed at the folly on the hill.

I suggest that no federal worker should be allowed to make more than the national income average. You want to get payed more…WELL THEN HIT THE BRICKS AND GO TO WORK FOR AMERICA!

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Trap or Treat? The CME Lowers Gold Margin by 9%,

“Adding to the confusion, for some, that is today’s trading session, here comes the CME which in a post-closing announcement, proceeds to hike outright margins on a variety of petroleum and freight products, but more importantly just cut the margins on gold by 9%. Is it that time when the establishment is clearing the path for everyone to rotate out of equities (and/or bonds) into gold, just to set the trap and pull the trapdoor…”

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Big Banks Enter the House of Bankruptcy Mirrors

“Large banks risk getting caught in “perpetual” cycle of bankruptcy like aerospace companies and carmakers unless they radically alter the way they do business, according to a leading industry consultant.

Alix Partners, one of the most influential advisers to senior banking executives, warns that global investment banks must tackle head-on issues such as bonuses and their addiction to the “steroids” of debt-fueled growth.

“Just look at the auto manufacturing and commercial aviation industries, where over the past two decades, changes in regulatory and operating environments combined to render formerly solid businesses into perpetual wards of the bankruptcy court,” said the consultants.

According to Alix, investment banks still pay their staff far too much, pointing out that the “overpayment effect” last year was $18bn (£11bn), or close to 30pc of the world’s top 15 banks’ combined pre-tax profits…”

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17 New Ideas That Are Actually Worth Millions

“Kickstarter is a place where entrepreneurs and artists can post ideas and raise money from other users.

Before 2012, no project had ever raised $1 million on the platform. In the last 12 months, 17 projects exceeded 9-figure fundraises on Kickstarter.

Pebble, the most funded Kickstarter project of all time, raised $10.2 million in less than one month from 67,000 people.

So what kind of ideas are people paying millions for?

The projects include everything from video games to home automation systems.

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Obama’s Speech on the Fiscal Cliff

“Still want to get this done.

The hour for immediate action is here.

Every American’s paycheck would get considerably smaller.

Just had a good conversation with congressional leaders. I’m optimistic a deal can still get done. If a deal can not get done, i will bring a proposal for an up and down vote.

If we can get a majority in the house and the senate then we can get a deal done.

Americans will not have patience for a self inflicted wound.

The housing market is recovering, but that could be derailed as paychecks get smaller.

The unemployment rate is improving.

I want to repeat that we had a constructive conversation today.

If a deal is not cut,  senator Reid has been instructed to create a proposal to insure that taxes do not go up, unemployment insurance is available, and that middle class families get help.”



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Documentary: C.V.D.

Peter Joseph has done a ton of research and comes to conclusions that alienate him in the public eye. He cares not and for that he should be applauded.

At any rate, he has come out with a web series called Culture in Decline. Only 3 have aired so far and and his next show in the series will come in February.

For now you can get a taste of his truth with episode 3. Episode 2 did nothing for me, while episode 1 is common knowledge for those who are paying attention.

Cheers on your weekend!

[youtube://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKkEjl-RSfc 450 300] [youtube://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cbUW2EY4KE 450 300]

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State of the Union: You Can’t Make This Bullshit Up

“RUSTON, La. — With no health insurance and not enough money for a doctor, Laura Johnson is long accustomed to treating her ailments with a self-written prescription: home remedies, prayer and denial.

Over decades, she made her living assisting elderly people in nursing homes in jobs that paid just above minimum wage and included no health benefits. So even as her feet swelled to such an extent that she could no longer stuff them into her shoes, and even as nausea, headaches and dizziness plagued her, she reached for the aspirin bottle or made do with a teaspoon of vinegar. She propped her feet up on pillows and hoped for relief.

“Before I got sick,” she said, “I hadn’t been to the doctor in 20 years.”

After she collapsed last year and landed in in a local emergency room, doctors diagnosed her with congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and hypothyroid. They ordered her not to work. She arranged a Social Security disability benefit, and she enrolled in Medicaid, the government-furnished insurance program for the poor. She used her Medicaid card to secure needed prescription medications. Her ailments stabilized.

But this year, the state determined that the $819 a month she draws in disability payments exceed the allowable limit. By the federal government’s reckoning, her $9,800 annual income made her officially poor. But under the standards set by Louisiana, she was too well off to receive Medicaid.

This is how Johnson, 57, finds herself back amid the roughly 49 million Americans who lack health insurance. This is why she must again reach into her pocket to secure her prescription drugs, a supply that runs about $200 a month. That sum is beyond her, so she has gone more than four months without taking her pills on a regular basis. Once again, her feet are swelling and her chest is filling with fluid. Once again, she is confronted with the realization that a lifetime of labor does not entitle her to see a doctor any more than it enables her to gain crucial medications….”

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LIGNET: Why 2013 May Have a Silver Lining


“Silver, underestimated and underpriced, is poised to make big gains in 2013. Precious metals attract more than their fair share of excitable commentators, but the technical position in silver is fascinating. Both banks and non-banks have unusually large net short positions in the silver futures market, while silver has been leaving commodity exchange warehouses at a steady pace in recent weeks.

Click here to read Peter Warburton’s special economic analysis on the prospects for silver in 2013 at LIGNET.com. “

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Demopublicans Report Progress on a Potential Fiscal Cliff Deal Ahead of the W.H. Summit

“Democratic and Republican sources involved in negotiations reported some progress Friday toward a potential deal averting the “fiscal cliff” ahead of an afternoon summit at the White House between President Barack Obama and congressional leaders.

Negotiations revolve around permitting taxes to rise to Clinton-era levels on incomes above $400,000, the level in Obama’s last offer to Republican House Speaker John Boehner before their negotiations fell apart earlier this month. Such a deal would also extend unemployment benefits and delay the imposition of across the board budget cuts….”

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Pending Home Sales Rise 1.7 Percent, Beating Forecast

A” measure of Americans who signed contracts to buy homes increased last month to its highest level in two and a half years, the latest sign of improvement in the once-battered housing market.

The National Association of Realtors says its seasonally adjusted pending home sales index rose 1.7 percent in November from October to 106.4. That’s the highest since April 2010, when a homebuyer tax credit caused a spike in sales. And after excluding those few months when the tax credit was available, it’s the best reading since February 2007…”

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