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The Top 10 Worst & Best IPOs of 2012

“Moneywatch) Although Facebook’s (FB) initial public offering was the most notorious of 2012, it was far from the worst.

Just three months after Facebook’s IPO, its stock price had dropped by more than 50 percent, falling from $38 a share to $17.73. This had many people wondering if Facebook was the worst IPO of all time. Now the numbers are in and it turns out Facebook wasn’t even the worst IPO of the year. In fact, it didn’t even crack the top 10.

Facebook has seen a marked increase in its stock price in the last month, going from $19.20 on November 9 to close at $26.97 on December 6. That means its stock is down “only” 29.1 percent since May, which puts it at No. 12 on our list of the year’s weakest IPOs.

Here are the 10 worst IPOs of 2012, based on information gathered from research firms Dealogic, Renaissance Capital, IPO Monitor and other sources…”

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Top 10 best performers

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