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Market Update

U.S. equities were hopeful and traded to the upside at the open. Trying to forget yesterday’s beating proved to hard for the bulls. As a result Europe began to pare all gains and closed in the red helping U.S. markets to go negative.

Currently the DOW is off 35 bones while the S&P is off 5. Analysts are calling for support on the S&P initially at 1375, 1363, and then 1319. At 1319 we would be in a 10% correction and typically where many investors have stepped in to buy over the past few years.

Oil is all over the map currently up $0.76.

Gold is up $9.

The greenback has softened and treasuries are being bot.

$AAPL breaks further into bear market territory; currently down $11.19 $546

Market update

European market closing prices

3D heat map

[youtube://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJDnJ0vXUgw 450 300]


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