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How To Decide If You Or Your Business Should Use Twitter [Infographic]

I know, too much talk about Twitter and you still trying to figure out if it’s right for you or your business, or if you should tweet as yourself or as a business.

While everybody and their grandmas are looking for new angles to keep arguing about the war between Facebook and G+, Twitter came back yesterday to kindly drop a bomb on the Internet. Just in time to make it in 2011. Twitter gets a high five from me!

Now you’re hearing about “Discovery” and “Brand Pages” and your head’s spinning about how you approach it or how you adjust.

Fortunately Flowtown just published its new infographic to help you determine how you are going to use Twitter or if you should stay clear. And it sort of funny too…

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  1. NoBull

    Pretty good and maybe I need to re-think my own use of Twitter!

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