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Boeing, US Investigating Engine Fires

Boeing (BA: 74.86, -0.65, -0.86%) and U.S. safety officials are investigating the cause of an engine spark that led to a grass fire when engines in the jet maker’s new 787 Dreamliner spewed out debris this weekend during a test flight in Charleston, S.C.

The National Transportation and Safety Board along with the jet maker and General Electric (GE: 20.80, -0.12, -0.57%) are probing the source of debris that fell from the GEnx engines in a newly-built 787 that had ultimately been destined for Air India’s fleet.

An NTSB spokesperson said the safety board is gathering information on the incident that shut Charleston’s main runway for more than an hour on Saturday but has not at this point opened a formal investigation.

Boeing, which confirmed that it is “working closely” with the NTSB on the July 28 incident, said it is “unaware of any operational issue that would present concerns about the continued safe operation of in-service 787s powered by GE engines.”

“Should the investigation determine a need to act, Boeing has the processes in place to take action and will do so appropriately,” Boeing said in an emailed statement.

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