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Team USA Cocky Headed Into London 2012 Olympic Games

via WSJ.com

Time to unfurl Old Glory and break out the red, white and blue boxer shorts.

Four years after China became the first country since 1992 to win more Olympic gold medals than the U.S., The Wall Street Journal’s medal projections for London suggest the Star-Spangled Banner will once again play more often than any other anthem.

And for the fifth consecutive Summer Games, the U.S. should finish atop theoverall medal table.

China’s victory in the gold-medal race in 2008 was supposed to herald the arrival of the newest Olympic superpower, a vast country with 1.3 billion people and a proven government-sponsored training program. Even at the U.S. Olympic Committee headquarters in Colorado Springs, there was a growing sense that China would win the most gold and overall medals in 2012.


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