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Microwaves Transmit Stock Trades Faster than Fibre Optics

…the Wall Street Journal is reporting that traders are turning to old-fashioned microwave relay towers to speed deals between New York and Chicago. The newspaper reports that 10 companies have filed applications with the Federal Communications Commission to build such links.

Isn’t the speed of light fast enough? Read why microwaves transmit faster than fibre.

Read the article here.


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  1. MX2101

    That is the result of velocity factor. Interesting to think that preoccupation with speed is so great, that this would make a difference. One thing about microwave transmission- rain fade. The higher frequencies that enable massive throughput bandwidth are subject to rain fade. The solution is back up to fiber, or shorter microwave path length (hops). Shorter paths mean more relay stations and therefore a greater probability of system failure. Ahh the joy of it… LOL

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