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FLASH: Social Media Names Have Reversed and Are Now Exploding to the Upside

YELP +10%

YOKU +7.8%

DANG +6%

SFLY +6%

GRPN +5.2%

QPSA +5.8%


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  1. largebill

    What an amazing drop and bounce in one day! Should continue as people realize the massive potential in these names. FB is not joining in on bounce back yet, but they will. Everyone is piling on and dumping FB but it also will in time rebound and take off. I’m taking my daughter to open a ROTH IRA today. I’ll give her the amount to open it and put it all in FB. It’ll bounce around, but in time it will be a big winner. Several things hurt the initial price action. GM’s BS announcement made people worry about ad revenue. Then they flooded the market with shares so there was a sense that they were easy to get. You want people upset after an IPO that couldn’t get shares. Leaves ’em anxious to get some. Lastly, NASDAQ’s screw up scared people away as well. I regret that I didn’t jump on AAPL under $50. I regret not buying GOOG at $80. People will years from now regret not getting in on social media stocks in the early going.

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  2. metalleg

    Your daughter will hate you. FB is damn too expensive.

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