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“Babyccinos” Become Popular with Brooklyn Hipster Moms for Kids

via NY POST 

Apple juice in sippy cups is so last year!

Today’s fashionable New York City tots are going wild for a hot new trend in preschool potables — the babyccino!

Across Brooklyn, coffee shops have been attracting crowds of hipster moms and their pampered offspring by offering tiny cups of decaffeinated cappuccino suitable for little kids with adult palates.

“They just really like the taste of coffee,” said Barbara Albinus, who takes her 6-year-old girl and 9-year-old boy to the Cafe Regular in Park Slope for coffee. “I drink coffee every day of the year, so they like it, too.

JOE JR.: Shirley Worcester, 2, catches up on her reading while sipping a steamed-milk-only “babyccino” at Sit and Wonder in Park Slope.

JOE JR.: Shirley Worcester, 2, catches up on her reading while sipping a steamed-milk-only “babyccino” at Sit and Wonder in Park Slope.

“I only let them have it once in a while,” she said. “They’re already jumping off the walls [anyway].”

Cafe Regular barista Seth Lombardi said that on weekends, junior java junkies flood the place.

“We kind of have a joke around here on weekends,” Lombardi, 30, told The Post. “We greet people by saying: ‘Welcome to Cafe Regular day care. Are you dropping off or picking up?’ ”

The Root Hill coffee shop in Gowanus was taking the “day care” vibe a step further yesterday, playing a video of the animated film “Shrek” on a screen while several kids and their moms sipped beverages.

“I order coffee from here just about every day, and my son likes to have some when he’s with me. I guess he just acquired the taste over time,” said Melissa Foster, 41, whose 7-year-old son, Michael, was drinking a small iced babyccino.

The kiddie coffee cult is cropping up at Brooklyn coffee shops from Fort Greene to Prospect Heights.

Coffee-shop workers said babyccinos come in the decaf coffee variety and in a variety that is only steamed milk. The second is popular with kids as young as 2.

Natalie Ekberg, a barista at Root Hill, said the coffee drinks are to Brooklyn kids what Happy Meals are to children across the rest of America.

“A lot of kids come in here with their parents after school and actually ask for the decaf babyccino by name,” she said.

One of the top babyccino joints is Sit and Wonder in Park Slope.

“Our children love babyccinos!” Eric Worcester told The Brooklyn Paper after getting the steamed-milk-only version of the beverage for his children — Evelyn, 5, and Shirley, 2.

But doctors worry about the coffee trend.

Dr. Wendy Slusser of the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA, said both decaf and regular coffee have a compound that robs kids of iron.

“Even kids with mild anemia, they might not pass out, but they might not perform as well in school or learn as well,” she said.

Not all Brooklynites are buzzed on the kiddie coffee trend.

“Having coffee drinks for kids? I just don’t understand that,” said Rebecca Grosso, 29, a customer at Cafe Regular.

Another customer, Christine Lubin, 30, of Park Slope, added, “Park Slope parents can be pretty righteous, so this doesn’t surprise me.

“I mean, why wouldn’t you get your kids hooked on fashionable coffee drinks?”

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