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Park Avenue Millionaire Dies And Leaves $1.5 Million To His Door Man And Chauffeur

A millionaire Park Avenue music mogul, lonely after his wife dumped him, repaid two faithful workers who gave him a shoulder to cry on — by making them rich after his death.

“I don’t know what to do exactly with the money, but one thing I know for sure — every year, I’m going to bring the guy some flowers at his grave,’’ said suddenly rich chauffeur Jean Laborde, who received $1 million, or 10 percent, from boss Alan Meltzer’s $10 million estate.

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  1. Juice

    another lefty socialist commie robin hood spread-the-wealth liberal!

    good riddance

    prob voted for obama

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    • Jakegint

      Liberals want to take from others, not give of themselves.

      This guy was obviously a rock ribbed conservative, spending his own money.

      And I have no idea why you commies think Robin Hood was so great. If you read for comprehension, you’ll note that he TOOK MONEY FORCIBLY FROM THE TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT to give back to the people.

      Maybe ACORN could adopt him, but not you guys.


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