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An Ode to Our Boards

Oh mother market, this is an ode to thee,

I can’t express in words what you mean to me,

Your movements are erratic like a  true animal,

you can be so vicious, cold, and affable.


Despite your creation of turmoil and volatility,

You fill my pockets with coin so graciously,

It is certainly never smooth sailing with thee,

But you manage to get me home to sleep peacefully.


You have taught me the true meaning of virility,

To stand alone and persevere with my assumptions of probability.

For one can never be sure what your next move is,

One can track you,  and certainly build a biz.


No matter how much love I have for thee,

There are days like today where I must ignore you and sip on green tea.

Too much of anything is certainly an addiction,

Oh how I must stay away with my conviction.


To be completely entranced in your light,

Would make any man crazy with a mind full of blight.

In order to keep up with your endless change,

One must reflect in your absence to sort and rearrange,

Only then can we come to the table,

To make sense of what your are able.


So today I raise a glass and give cheer,

that 2011 has been an exceptionally  good year.

With the help of 12631 and The PPT,

it should be plain for all to see,

That you have allowed me to kick old men in the groin,

sending them into murder holes as they give me their coin.


[youtube://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHio4lLOhKc 450 300] [youtube://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xb8T4xIa3o4 450 300] [youtube://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erRA6Ib5SZs 450 300]



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