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Owens-Illinois beats by $0.12, misses on revs  (19.46 +0.31)
Reports Q3 (Sep) earnings of $0.84 per share, excluding non-recurring items, $0.12 better than the Capital IQ Consensus Estimate of $0.72; revenues rose 10.2% year/year to $1.86 bln vs the $1.93 bln consensus.

Commenting on the Company’s outlook for the fourth quarter of 2011, Stroucken said, “The global macroeconomic outlook for the second half of this year has softened. As a result, we expect our fourth quarter shipments will be flat or slightly up compared with prior year levels. Average prices will be up from 2010 levels, but we expect continued cost inflation. Considering the unfavorable foreign currency exchange rate trends we have seen since mid-year, we expect fourth quarter 2011 adjusted earnings to approximate the prior year fourth quarter results. We expect full year 2011 free cash flow to be between $200 and $250 million, which is unchanged from the range provided in the second quarter. Future free cash flow will be used for further debt reduction until our leverage ratio is more comfortably within our target range.” Stroucken continued, “O-I has incurred significant cost inflation in 2011 related to higher raw material, labor and energy prices, which has negatively impacted our margins. Looking to 2012, we will re-focus on our value over volume strategy to repair our margins. Our business that is covered by long-term customer contracts includes pass-through formulas that allow for higher pricing next year as a result of this inflation. For business not covered by pass-through formulas, we expect to increase prices in 2012 where possible to pass along both unrecovered current year and prospective 2012 inflation. As a result of this inflation, depending on the country or region, price increases for these annual agreements can be expected on average to range between high single digit and even double digit percentages in 2012.”

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