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Sell, Sell, Sell…Now Buy, Buy, Buy


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  1. ottnott

    From the article:
    Wells Fargo warned in its report, published Tuesday, that investors should not try to time the market.

    Investors who stayed in the market for all 5,041 trading days from 1991 to 2000 saw a 9.1 percent return, while those who missed 50 of the best trading days during that time period saw lost 2.7 percent.

    One of the dumber memes thrown at retail investors (like me).

    Try calculating the odds of randomly missing out on only the 50 best days out of 5,000.

    It is roughly akin to winning the Powerball jackpot a dozen times in a row.

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  2. bulldime

    but jesus and mama always loved me… this i know

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