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German Parliament Passes Bailout Expansion; European Markets Fail to Rally While U.S. Futures Pare Losses

Other European markets have failed to rally. U.S. futures turned on the news to positive territory.

One banker commented that despite the vote in favor to expand rescue funds there is still no clarity and feeling of immediate rescue.

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Oracle Issues a Scathing Statement Regarding Autonomy

“After HP agreed to acquire Autonomy for over $11.7 billion dollars, Oracle commented that Autonomy had been ‘shopped’ to Oracle as well, but Oracle wasn’t interested because the price was way too high. Mike Lynch, Autonomy CEO, then publically denied that his company had been shopped to Oracle. Specifically, Mr. Lynch said, “If some bank happened to come with us on a list, that is nothing to do with us.” Mr. Lynch then accused of Oracle of being ‘inaccurate’. Either Mr. Lynch has a very poor memory or he’s lying. ‘Some bank’ did not just happen to come to Oracle with Autonomy ‘on a list.’ The truth is that Mr. Lynch came to Oracle, along with his investment banker, Frank Quattrone, and met with Oracle’s head of M&A, Douglas Kehring and Oracle President Mark Hurd at 11 am on April 1, 2011. After listening to Mr. Lynch’s PowerPoint slide sales pitch to sell Autonomy to Oracle, Mr. Kehring and Mr. Hurd told Mr. Lynch that with a current market value of $6 billion, Autonomy was already extremely over-priced. The Lynch shopping visit to Oracle is easy to verify. We still have his PowerPoint slides.”

Source: Oracle

UPDATE: Oracle puts the fucking slide shows online. lulz!

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Bernanke May Cut Rates To Avoid Deflation

“It is something that we’re going to be watching very carefully,” Bernanke said in response to questions from the audience at a forum sponsored by the Cleveland Fed.

“If inflation falls too low or inflation expectations fall too low, that would be something we have to respond to because we do not want deflation,” Bernanke said.

Rates are not low enough 

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