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SEC Considering Legal Charges Against S&P

Civil action is being considered for their role in rating mortgages that helped to create the financial debacle of ’08 & ’09…

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  1. drummerboy

    WWWWHHHAAATTT and who the hell is gonna charge the SEC for their complete and utter lack of enforcement and fudiciary duty to the public……..sec,what a POS when you guys bring back micheal milken to jail over dndn, than maybe the public “could” once again have faith in “the over seer”…………..NOT!

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  2. TraderCaddy

    Strictly political.
    Do something with the ridiculous amount of insider trading and the TradeBots.

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  3. JakeGint

    Not too political.

    Hmmm.. and who is S&P’s major competition?

    Could it beeee…..

    Uncle Warren’s Moody’s??

    Quid pro quo, olde Prospero?


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