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ALERT: 23 People Trapped in Pratsville New York

All roads are cut off and bridges are collapsed. They have no power and are in need of provisions.

2 pregnant women, 7 toddlers and 3 babies

UPDATE: They are using cellphones for flashlights and all families are gathered around the fireplace, in one room, in order to stay warm. They are without water and food.

Source: CNN

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FLASH: US Futures Rip Higher

S&P futs +8 on news that Hurricane Irene is less punitive to insurance companies ($6-10 billion) than expected.

Absurdity on a high level, but I’ll take it.

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Main Street Brattleboro Underwater

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gzExZRFx9M 603 500]

NOTE: Peep the absurdity of cigarette smoking man about midway.

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