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Oil Up Dollar Down in Overnight Trade

U.S. debt ceiling issues weakened the dollar last night helping oil out, but not gold. Oil is trading up $0.43 @ $99.63.

The dollar is trading around 78.07

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Flash: UBS Earnings Disappoints

Pre tax profit of 1bln chf vs estimate of 1.2bill.

Furthermore, the company offered a dour outlook for future results.

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Alert: Blast Reported in Macau

Xinhua is reporting on a fatal explosion at the Golden Dragon hotel, more than 13 injured. No word on death count so far.

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MI Snyder recall raises <$25K

Pardon me, I know most of you don’t care about state specific politics. However, given how Michigan was the only state to my knowledge to be in a recession during the housing boom, and the general pathetic level of public finances that can be found here, I thought I’d pass this along.

The effort to recall our new governor here in Michigan, the estimable Mr. Rick Snyder, after coming out of the gate hot in response to the cuts in our bloated and most ineffective education system, has flamed out horribly.

Today, in a local newspaper, it was reported that the effort managed to raise $24,089.

(laughter) I’ve been flicking these people off as they passed out papers on the corners for months, so this is pretty vindicating for me.

A good amount of that money came from out of state. Although an all volunteer movement, it’s looking increasingly like an epic fail from these tots. They have until the beginning of August to come up with the 800,000 some odd signatures they need to put Snyder up for recall. I look forward to pissing on their graves.

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