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Boehner Addressing the House Now

He is proposing a balance budget amendment, amongst other things.

To the American people “We tried our best.” He also chastised the Senate to pass the bill he will send them, saying “this is the second bill we will send you.”

NOTE: That doesn’t sound too promising.

UPDATE: “I stuck my neck out a mile” to compromise with the President. He is screaming and going apeshit.

UPDATE II: He ended his speech, asking members to support his bill and “end this crisis now.”

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  1. Marc David

    I’d like to see a video of this one.

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  2. moolaheaven

    Reid has been accused of immense corruption, won re-election by the hair on his ass and nowe doesn’t care cause he knows he’s still in for 5 of his 6 year term. He’s countuing on the media’s (and the peoples) memories being too short to remember in 2016 what he did to America this summer. I hope the people won’t forget…

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